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Watch a Temari be Made Photo Essay

    This is a photo essay of a temari being made, but it is not intended to be how-to or tutorial information (in fact these photos were taken while I was learning temari, so there are a few booboos recorded for posterity in placing the C8 division lines). For accurate C8 division how tos, refer to the C8 Tutorial. You can  follow along with the basic steps on everything else throughout the essay. 
Supplies - ball, inserts, yarn, threads Split ball and hollow to include bell and penny Place together and wind with yarn...
...being sure to keep it smooth and even... ...until fully covered. Begin winding with thread
...until fully and smoothly covered. Cut thin strip of paper to use to mark Pin one end at the north pole
Wrap around, trim to fit, fold in half to mark south pole Fold in quarters, and place guiding pics Remove, being sure to keep north pole, fold in eighths.
Pin next to guide pin Wrap strip around and place pins 1/8 around ball Completed pins, to divide into eighths.

Measure 4 wraps of marking thread Secure at pole and begin wrapping Using each pin to mark eighths..
..tack at south pole... ...and north pole. Wrap to mark obi
...tack at each intersection. Divide mark line between obi and pole repeat on alternate lines
For correct method see C8 Tutorial Wrap from midpoint to pin, continuing around to starting point. Turn ball 1/4 turn and repeat.
When done all sides as well as.... both ends look the same like this. Stitching begins with peach pearl cotton.

and continued around one face on alternating lines then repeated on the remaining lines.... again around the face.
work design in each face ... all six on the ball. Repeat with another layer the same way. then work yellow on long points
 and green row o short points  another yellow on long points. and another row of green
the same on each face, overlapping rounds Now a round of gold to highlight. and long decorative stitches in the spaces.
The Temari you have watched being made here was commissioned to be a baby gift for a new little girl, due to be born in March of 2000. Her mom is Japanese, and a very considerate friend thought that a Temari would be a most appropriate keepsake gift to mark her birth.
Some decorative stitches in the flower centers add a tassel and loop and it's finished.  

источник : http://www.temarikai.com/illustmakeball01.htm

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